New Normal 2022 Elections

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In this video series, learn the “new normal” processes to be implemented by the Commission on Elections for Election Day.

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Video by Topic

Video 1: Mga Dapat Dalhin sa Araw ng Eleksiyon

Video 2: Voting Center at Polling Place

Video 3: Pagpasok sa Voting Center

Video 4: Temperatura at Physical Distancing

Video 5: Hanapin ang Polling Place

Video 6: Holding Area at Express Lane

Video 7: Electoral Board (EB)

Video 8: Voter Verification

Video 9: Voting

Video 10: Ballot Casting

Video 11: Pag Print ng Resibo (VVPAT)

Video 12: Indelible Ink at Pag-Exit

Video 13: Mga Oras ng Pagboto

Video 14: Assisted Voting

Video 15: Mga Dapat Gawin ng Voting Assistor

Video 16: Isolation Polling Place (IPP)

Video 17: Emergency Accessible Polling Place (EAPP)

Video 18: Pinapayagan sa Polling Place

Video 19: Hindi Pinapayagan sa Polling Place

Video 20: Bawal Mangampanya

Video 21: Iba Pang Election Offenses

Video 22: No to Vote Buying at Vote Selling