Automated Election System (AES) 2022

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In this video series, learn in greater detail the COMELEC’s Automated Election System (AES) that will be used for the May 9, 2022 National and Local Elections.

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Video by Topic

Video 1: Ano and AES at VCM?

Video 2: Mga Parte ng VCM

Video 3: VCM Peripherals

Video 4: Makikita sa VCM Screen

Video 5: Electoral Board AES Training

Video 6: Opening of Voting – Package Checking

Video 7: Opening of Voting – VCM Preparation

Video 8: Opening of Voting – VCM Initialization

Video 9: Opening of Voting – VCM Initialization Issue

Video 10: Opening of Voting and Actual Voting

Video 11: Voting Issues and Contingency Procedures

Video 12: Closing of Voting and Printing

Video 13: Transmission of Results

Video 14: Transmission of Results – Central and Transparency Server

Video 15: Transmission Issues

Video 16: Transmission of Results – Audit Log

Video 17: Transmission of Results – Write-Protect Data

Video 18: Transmission of Results – After VCM Shutdown

Video 19: Canvassing Process

Video 20: Canvassing Process – COC, SOV, COCP

Video 21: Canvassing Process – Saving and Printing of Documents

Video 22: Canvassing Process – Health and Safety Protocols

Video 23: Additional procedures